RapidForms (Beta)

SharePoint Forms - An new innovation in form building.

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This new coolness takes a while to perfect, so please bare with us while we are in beta.


RapidForms is a Form technology for web and SharePoint. Build and publish great looking forms effortlessly.

The Form Builder IDE

Our unqiue form builder allows for fast, easy development of responsive web forms.

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The Portal helps you manage and publish your forms. You can see your submissions and access a dashboard with cool dashboardy things like charts and stuff!

The Form Viewer JavaScript Component

Want to host your forms in your own website? No problem, our lightweight form viewer can be added to your site in minutes.


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Material Design UI

Combining the beautifully crafted Material Deisgn UI with an AngularJs Forms engine and an effortless Form Builder, and you have the next evolution in form design.

RapidForms is currently free for a limited time.

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Form Builder IDE

The most innovative Form Builder since ... like a long time.

Quickly craft great looking forms from a wide range of availble controls.

  • Drag and drop
  • Multiple views to show after submission content
  • Nested controls
  • Built on Material Deisgn

The form builder includes great form controls like:

  • Text box, Number, Drop Down, Date, Checkboxes.
  • Html, Labels and Headings.
  • Responsive Layout controls like Row, Column, 2 Column, 3 Column
  • Submit Action button
  • Containers to give you that stylish grouping of controls, like Card, Blank Card and Page Wizard.

There's a lot of great stuff in the works too.  So make sure to check back and see how things are progressing.

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What our customers say:

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Holy great forms Batman, this is the coolest thing I've seen since stretchy pants.

Jane Anonymous

Twitter User

Ah hi, do you sell gourmet cat food? I couldn't see it listed anywhere on your site. :(

Green Lantern

All round good guy

Man that Robin is a dork.

Clip - Create a Customer Form in less than 5 minutes

Mobile Optimised!

Why should you have to manage multiple forms to support small devices? You shouldn't, thats why RapidForms has been designed for mobile first. Create one responsive view.

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